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mennuli alivi"The earth is not created but is cared for and cultivated to feed its children, living beings placed above and below it ..."

Thinking of a careful and selected agricultural production, the Mennuli & Alivi company has decided to cultivate certain native crops: almonds, in the pizzuta and fascionello variety, olives, belonging to the moresca, nocellara dell'Etna and coratina varieties, and a vast polyculture of fruits that embrace figs, oranges, pomegranates, lemons and carobs. Selecting crops means knowing how to transform them to enhance their qualities and defend their organoleptic properties.

From this fundamental principle, the organic products of the Mennuli & Alivi brand are born.

  • ExtraBIO: our extra virgin olive oil. Cold extracted and unfiltered, it is an excellent blend given by the union of the Sicilian cultivars Moresca, Nocellara dell'Etna, Coratina and is characterized by a fruity, intense and structured taste, slightly spicy with bitter notes and hints of artichoke and almond.
  • Bio Almonds from Val di Noto. We have selected two varieties of almonds to create and market a mix of Bio Almonds ideal for rediscovering the ancestral flavor of the true Sicilian almond: the Pizzuta, with a pleasant bitter taste, the Fascionello, with a sweet and round flavor.
  • Organic Almond Cream. Sweet spreadable cream based on organic almonds, vegan protein sources, ideal for enriching breakfast or making recipes tastier without exceeding calories and fats.
  • Russetta Slow drying bronze drawn artisan pasta from ancient Sicilian grains, russello and perciasacchi, stone ground. Natural source of fiber with low glycemic index.